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Catherine Weber, Owner/Operator


Al Rice, Chief Flight Instructor


Kayla Sweeney, Office Manager

Alisha Sweeney, Director of Student Services & TVCC Flight Coordinator

Anna Grachanin, Administrative Assitant

Janell Hoeppner, Office Assistant



Owner & Operator.


Kayla is the Office Manager. A Boise native, Kayla is a lover of animals, cake, hikes and food! Previously Kayla worked for a law office in San Diego as a Legal Assistant, but loves working at Silverhawk and watching all the students achieve their dreams! Kayla is a self proclaimed cake connoisseur.


Alisha is Silverhawk's Director of Student Services & the Flight Coordinator for TVCC. She attended three universities, Seattle Pacific, Arizona State and the University of Idaho, where she received her BS in Advertising and Business. After a year of working abroad, Alisha moved back to Boise to work at Silverhawk. Her favorite part about her job is the family atmosphere and watching students & instructors reach their goals! 


A private pilot from Cleveland, OH, Anna has a hard time keeping her feet on the ground! She enjoys the feeling of an office setting, but her true love is in aviation and scuba diving. She previously worked at the Red Cross in Biomedical Services which fulfilled her desire to be in a humanitarian field. Anna is the Administrative Assistant and manages the front desk at Silverhawk! 


Silverhawk Office Assistant.


Certified Office Fluff. Beau has been meandering the Silverhawk hallways begging for food and looking for the perfect nap spot for years. He typically eats one kibble at a time, runs like a bunny, and leaves tastefully-placed "accidents" when his owners are away from home for too long. Recently, Beau attended a seminar on the future of digital media and aviation operations. Be sure to give him your card to talk strategy or to taste test treats.



Born in Winnemucca, Nevada, Al earned his private pilot certificate in 1969, and graduated from the US Army Flight School in 1972. Both his father and uncle were pilots, so naturally he followed in their footsteps, and was a US Army Aviator in the military. Al has years and years of experience flying both airplanes and helicopters along with 18 years in US Department of Interior Aviation Program. He is Silverhawk Aviation Academy's Chief Flight Instructor. 


Born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Chad is a father of two. He served in the Navy for 10 years as an Electronics Technician. He decided to learn how to fly after a Silverhawk  Christmas light tour and has found that his favorite part about his job are the sunsets and long cross countries through the mountains. Chad is Silverhawk Aviation Academy's Chief Aviation Flight Instructor. Fun fact about Chad-he's dual rated and he's vegan!


Kalan's a father of three from Fairbanks, Alaska. Before training at the Hawk, he was a network administrator and a mechanic. Kalan enjoys sharing the joy of flight with others and keeping up with his exotic parrots! His favorite aspect of being a CFI is seeing the world from a different perspective.  


Warren was born and raised in Potter Valley, California. He grew up working on ranches and soon graduated to seasonal firefighting while going to college. Warren knew he wanted to be in aviation when he began working on a helitack crew with California Fire. After three years with the California Fire team, Warren was hooked. After graduating from Silverhawk Aviation Academy, he became a CFI and now guides helicopter students towards their career goals.


Born in Pueblo, CO, and raised in Spearfish, SD, Brian has spent much of his time outdoors, hiking, biking and playing with his pup. A helicopter tour sparked his interest in aviation and since then he couldn't think about pursuing any other career. He used to work at an underground research facility before beginning his training at Silverhawk. In his off time Brian enjoys traveling and has ridden a camel, hugged a black bear and fed a full grown Barbary Lion.


Helicopter CFI


Raised in San Jose, CA, and Boise, ID, Liam is a fan of anything outdoors! He enjoys Jiu Jitsu and "nerding out" over aviation, movies and video games. He believes (and we do, too) that he has the coolest job in the world! "We have the opportunity to help other people reach their goals!"


As a child, Cameron watched the helicopters fly over his home in Herriman, Utah, dreaming of flying them himself. He served four years in the marines, then began helicopter training. Cameron likes "pina coladas and getting caught in the rain", as well as being outside hiking, fishing, teaching and repairing anything (he is quite the handyman). Fun fact, Cameron had a mustache when he was 12 years old!


Robby is a helicopter CFI, who enjoys skiing, flying and the great outdoors! He is from Auburn, Washington, and has a family saturated with pilots, which caused him to seek out flight schools as soon as he could legally fly. Robby's fun fact: he has pet an arctic fox in Iceland! 


Pete was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho. He and his wife Lynne have two sons and are soon to be grandparents! He spent 38 years in the USAF/Idaho Air National Guard, had five deployments to SW Asia. His interest in aviation began as a young boy and now he is the Lead Instructor and helps students reach their goals and succeed. A fun tidbit about Pete is walking around the world three times at the ceremonial South Pole in Antarctica!


Born in Saint George, Utah, and raised on a farm in Enterprise. Charles is married and has two daughters. He loves the outdoors and helping others reach their goal of becoming helicopter pilots. He is the third Charles Twitchell in his family!


Johnny is a mechanic and CFI at Silverhawk Aviation Academy. He and his wife Dena have two daughters. Johnny has been an aviation mechanic for 14 years, and he has been working at Silverhawk in a variety of capacities since January 2011. As a child Johnny knew he wanted to fly and work on helicopters, and says his favorite part about his job at Silverhawk is seeing the students progress and gain the satisfaction of learning to fly well. Johnny served in the United States Coast Guard, has owned a small manufacturing custom home business, and been a project engineer in wind energy. A fun fact about him is that he loves cooking!


Carl is a fixed wing CFI born and raised in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. He went into the Marines and worked as an A&P mechanic for SkyWest Airlines for 21 years. Carl stated "I am blessed with five children, four boys, one girl, love my wife, whom I don't deserve, love to camp, spend time with family, tinker/build toys, modify you name it to go faster/higher" and build! 


From Kearney, Nebraska, Dan discovered his love for aviation while on a discovery flight when he was 15 years old. He was in the Marine Corps and worked as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance service before becoming a fixed wing CFI. Sprichst du Deutsch? Dan does, too!


Bri is a Fixed Wing instructor from Yorba Linda, California. She enjoys hiking, biking, camping and watching airplanes take off. As a little girl, she wanted to be a pilot like her aunt. While she was a gate agent in Boise, a commuting pilot offered to take her on a discovery flight - she's been hooked ever since! A little know fact about Bri; she was a commercial fisherman in Dillingham, Alaska for a summer in college. She loves to watch students grow and become better pilots. Guiding them through training and helping them succeed drives her every day.


Matt was born and raised in Medford, Oregon and served in the United States Navy. During his service, as he was sitting in the back seat of the MH-605, he realized he wanted to be in the front - thus, his career in aviation began. Matt now is now a CFI for aspiring helicopter students at Silverhawk Aviation Academy. Hem claims he is the only red head in his family, however, Matt is one of two in the Silverhawk family.


Regis was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Regis has always been interested in aviation - he began fixed wing training at 16 but was unable to finish. After many years he decided to complete his training, move from Florida to Idaho, and set his career in motion. Regis is now a CFI for Silverhawk Aviation Academy where he guides students through the intricacies of flight training.


Helicopter CFI


Chris is one of Silverhawk's Fixed Wing Certified Flight Instructors. He has 1700 hours total time, 1400 as a CFI, plus 500 hours of classroom ground school instruction.
Originally certified in 1980, Chris returned to Idaho and instructing after a hiatus of many years living in the Seattle area. Invigorated with new enthusiasm Chris strives to provide a personal, one-on-one training experience incorporating student life-experience into the process of flight instruction. Chris has provided training to students from age 14 to 83 and has a 100% pass rate with applicants applying for licensing. 


As the third pilot in his extended family, John has loved all aspects of aviation for years. He is originally from Victor, a small mountain town in Idaho, and wishes he could stay airborne. "I love the idea of sharing my passion for this wonderful career."


Although Gabe grew up on a vineyard in Weaverville, California, he'll tell you that he's Silverhawk born and raised. 

As one of Silverhawk Aviation's Fixed Wing Certified Flight instructors, Gabe explores the skies above the Treasure Valley, showing students the ropes while cracking a few jokes along the way.



Bre is a single mother of two from Washington State. She enjoys golfing, fishing, hiking, hunting, gardening and cooking; Bre has lived in Idaho for the 16 years and she's been working at Silverhawk for over six years. She is an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization, and is the chief mechanic at Silverhawk Aviation Academy specializing in overhauls. She realized she wanted to be an aviation mechanic when she stood next to an Apache while it started up during her time in the Idaho Army Guard. She loves the detail oriented and challenging aspects of reassembling airframes and engines. 


George holds his Airframe and Powerplant rating, and is the lead mechanic at Silverhawk Aviation Academy. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He has always had a passion for aviation and found a great opportunity to in the field as an aviation maintenance technician. George enjoys the outdoors: hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, and biking along with wood and metal working. His favorite part about his job is the problem solving, and says he also enjoys the positive and friendly work environment. 


Tom is an aircraft mechanic with Silverhawk Aviation Academy. 


Shelby is an apprentice mechanic and helicopter CFI at Silverhawk Aviation Academy from Challis, Idaho. Shelby used to fight forest fires on a helitack crew, and the helicopters were her favorite part of the job. She worked in group sales after college at a ski resort, but after two years of sitting at a desk, she wanted a change, and pursued a career with helicopters! 


Nate was born and raised in Wisconsin, and is a helicopter CFI and an Airframe and Powerplant rated mechanic. After acquiring his A&P he moved to Idaho to start flight training in 2016. Nate enjoys anything outdoors and spending time with his wife and friends, and is an avid cheese-rolling competitor! He says he really enjoys being able to trouble shoot, and repair helicopters, and getting opportunities to fly, but his favorite part of Silverhawk is the friendly and upbeat atmosphere. 


A recent high school graduate from Notus, Austin started out as an intern at Silverhawk Aviation. After finding he enjoyed working with helicopter engines, he joined the maintenance team full-time. When he is not in the hangar, Austin enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing and riding motorcycle. Austin loves country music and named his Honda Nighthawk motorcycle Rhonda!