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"A great career starts with great training, and that’s what you can expect at Silverhawk Aviation." 

—  Ty Pierce, Pilot at Papillon Airways


When deciding to pursue a career in aviation I created a plan that would take me from a student pilot to flying for an airline. In life, and especially in aviation, things rarely go as planned, but this did. I owe a large part of that to Silverhawk. 

Silverhawk was the perfect place for the beginning of my aviation journey. I received some of the best education available which created excellent stepping stones for my future endeavors. Thanks to an accelerated training program, in six short months I was able to go from private pilot to a flight instructor.

It was so rewarding teaching alongside the instructors I had looked up to throughout my own training. The friendships I created from this season are ones I will take with me through the rest of my career.


I've been flying for the airlines for over a year and the skills I was able to learn and develop at Silverhawk have shaped me into the pilot I am today. Silverhawk has a proven formula to create excellent pilots and I am grateful to have found them.

Josh Slowik, SkyWest Airlines Captain

Silverhawk did an excellent job preparing me for the industry and provided me with the skills to obtain work after training. I’ve been with Air Methods for five years now and working relief allover the country. I’ve worked for some of the best HBS programs in the country, like AMC, LifeLinkiii, San Juan MC in New Mexico, Now MercyOne Des Moines, Children’s Hospital in LA, Idaho Air Rescue, Vanderbilt, etc. I'm proud of what I’m doing and I've gained some diverse experience! 


Silverhawk proved their value in safety by maintaining their aircraft to the highest standards in the industry. The facility is clean and all equipment is properly taken care of. Their regard for pilot safety is top notch and you will be held to the highest levels of proficiency and safety standards as a student. After finishing your ratings you will be knowledgeable, proficient and safe in the sky.


Southwest Idaho provides students with diverse terrain and adverse weather. You receive valuable hot and cold weather training, and just a few miles away you have mountains and canyons for high altitude training. Boise has a great approach circuit for IFR and controlled airspace training.


Silverhawk is highly professional and has an excellent reputation within the helicopter industry. I have experience with various operations and in comparison, Silverhawk's standard of professionalism, accountability, and integrity is superior. Training at the “Hawk” was a great experience for me from start to finish.

Skylar Stevenson, ATP

The moment I decided to change careers was when I was flying in the back of a TEMSCO A-Star over the Aleutian Islands doing geological surveys.  After a lot of research contacting schools, I began to get pretty fed up with the “form email” responses that I received, and the lack of any personal feeling associated with many of the school’s admissions staff.  This all changed when I got my first email back from Silverhawk.  About a year later, I had finished with flight school and was immediately offered a job instructing. 


Flash forward two years:  Now I am back in a TEMSCO A-star, but this time I am in the pilot seat.  I know for a fact that I could not have gotten to where I was without the help of my instructors, friends, and Catherine at Silverhawk.  I never felt like I was just another student at the school.  From the moment I arrived people were eager to show me around the area, and I have made some lifelong friends during my time there.  I can highly suggest Silverhawk to any aspiring pilot who wants to go far in a career as a professional pilot. 

Cullen Lester, Pilot at TEMSCO Helicopters

As a prospective helicopter student, I knew I needed a school where I could receive the best training possible. Silverhawk Aviation Academy has exactly that. Idaho is a great place to learn how to fly. From the incredible terrain, airspace, and ever-changing weather. I started my flight training in the fall of 2015. In the spring of 2017 I had the privilege to be an instructor for Silverhawk and I loved every minute of it.


Catherine and her staff are the best you could ask for. As a student or instructor their doors are always open to you and are always willing to help you with anything you need. For me, the greatest part about Silverhawk is the family atmosphere. You’re not just a student or instructor, you are family.

In August 2018 I got hired on with CBP Air and Marine Operations to be an Air Interdiction Agent. I am currently flying the AS350 and MQ9 Predator out of Tucson Arizona. I know the training, knowledge, and experience I gained at Silverhawk as a student and instructor was invaluable to my success in the industry.

Thank you Silverhawk!

Johnny Kennon, Air Interdiction Agent 


After having a negative experience at a different flight school, I decided I needed a change. I packed up my family and moved to Idaho to enroll in Silverhawk’s professional pilot program, with the goal of reaching the airlines as soon as safely possible.

Each member of the staff was professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. They really care about your individual success and work tirelessly to provide a safe, fun, and productive learning environment. I truly felt that I was valued as a student, instead of just being a number. 

I had the opportunity to be a flight instructor at Silverhawk for 16 months after completing my ratings. This time was invaluable. It allowed me to gain the experience needed to advance in the industry, while having a great group of mentors to continue learning from along the way. I’m now a First Officer for SkyWest Airlines, flying the Embraer 175. My decision to train at Silverhawk was the single best decision of my career. 

I highly recommend Silverhawk to anyone wanting to join this great industry! Though it isn’t easy in the slightest; Silverhawk will provide you all the resources necessary to become a safe, confident, and capable pilot.

Kaleb May, SkyWest Airlines First Officer

I had an opportunity to go anywhere in the United States to train to become a helicopter pilot. After looking at several schools, my family and I decided on Silverhawk Aviation Academy. After I finished instructing at Silverhawk I started flying tours in the Grand Canyon. I then returned to Silverhawk to obtain my ATP rating. I now fly single pilot IFR in an EC 145 for a midwest EMS.


I could not have accomplished any of this without the expert training that I received at Silverhawk Aviation Academy. On many of my interviews, the companies were highly impressed by the training that I had received there. I highly recommend Silverhawk Aviation, and if I wasn't flying EMS I would love to be back there instructing.

Brian Hunt, EMS Helicopter Pilot

From the challenging terrain and weather that Idaho has to offer, to the highly professional flight instructors, I enjoyed every aspect of my time at Silverhawk. The programs they offer cater to all, whether you want to go 8 hours a day, or just a few times a week, you are going to gain the skills needed to advance in the aviation community.


After working for Silverhawk I spent several years in the Gulf of Mexico flying offshore in the oil & gas industry. I now fight fires all across the country and enjoy the unique challenges and opportunities the utility side of aviation has to offer. I wouldn't be where I am today without the quality education I received at Silverhawk. I would highly recommend Silverhawk to anyone looking to turn the dream of flying into a reality.

Morgan Moore, Firefighting & Utility Helicopter Pilot

Flying helicopters became a dream of mine after taking my first discovery flight. Immediately after taking off I knew it was the right career for me. After taking the time to visit many schools on the west coast, I found Silverhawk Aviation. The people and environment I experienced lead me to decide to chase my dream with SilverHawk Aviation.

As I progressed through my training, I began to enjoy the one on one attention provided because it enhanced my learning experience. The location of the school and the surrounding terrain allowed for complex graduation in flight training. The skills and knowledge that I learned are tools that I still use to this day.

After completing my training, I became an instructor for SilverHawk where I sharpened my skills through teaching others the passion for flying that I have. Once eligible, I applied to work for Papillon Helicopters and began a new chapter in my career. At Papillon, I started as a tour pilot and since then have become a utility pilot as well. Performing jobs such as big game surveys, precision long line, and fire fighting would not have been possible without the foundation of learning I revived at Silverhawk Aviation.

Ty Pierce, Pilot with Papillon Airways

Ty Pierce Testimonial_edited.jpg

I am the first person in my family to pursue a career in aviation. With no prior aviation knowledge or experience, Silverhawk welcomed me with their generous support and extensive resources.  Catherine invests in every one of her students from helping with housing, applying for loans and grants, networking for job opportunities, to keeping them on track to complete their certificates and ratings.  I obtained student loans for training by attending online classes through an online university. I have completed a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science.  Holding high standards and ensuring students succeed is embodied in the culture.

Training in Idaho offers diverse weather and terrain that prepares you for the variety of environments you will work in as a helicopter pilot.  During your training you will encounter high altitude mountains and rugged terrain combined with a variety of wind, temperature, moisture, and visibility that creates a beautiful landscape as well as challenging landing scenarios.  You will learn the decision making and procedures that come along with these challenges. After graduating from Silverhawk, I have flown in nearly all corners of the nation.  Each environment has delivered unique weather phenomena that I have become comfortable with quickly as a result of my flying experience received at Silverhawk.

Professionalism and exceptional standards set at the school will prepare you for the aviation workforce.  The training will be extremely rigorous and demanding at times but also just as rewarding and enjoyable.  This training along with the safe habits and dedicated attitude engrained in you will follow you into your professional career, setting you up for success in interviews and training programs at the highest-caliber companies in the industry.

I am currently flying in the Gulf of Mexico as a Bell 407 Captain on a 14/14 schedule, and I love my job.  I can live anywhere and move across the country with my wife as she pursues her own career.  Prior to the Gulf I flew Grand Canyon tours out of Las Vegas, tours in Myrtle Beach, tours around Zion National Park, and instructed at Silverhawk.  It has been an incredible journey that I am tremendously grateful for.  I would absolutely recommend Silverhawk to anyone with an interest in aviation. 

Joshua Lee, Bell 407 Captain

I started my career in helicopters at Silverhawk Aviation in 2011. I had always dreamed of being a helicopter pilot but there always seemed to be so many obstacles. I had originally looked at a flight school in Salt lake and had my heart set on going to that school. That all changed when I talked to a former Silverhawk student and he told me to visit Catherine. It made all the difference in the world by taking that advice. I walked out of Catherine’s office later that day with an actual plan on how to go about this. I was not only relieved that someone finally answered all my questions, but that I was on course to achieving my biggest adventure yet.

I had the pleasure of working at Silverhawk from 2012 till 2016. I started by answering phones and taking out the trash, to an instructor to developing the TVCC program and being its director. I would have never imagined that one simple phone conversation followed by a quick meeting out at the Hawk, would lead to a successful and rewarding career. I often tell people who ask about becoming a pilot that it is hard work borne from a passion to fly. You are the master of your destiny if you really want it, but you should also let this journey be financially feasible, safe, and fun. The end goal of flight school should inspire you and give you big hopes to look forward to in your career. Silverhawk Aviation will give you that.  

Zachary Elkins, Charter Sales Supervisor

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