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Hi, I'm Catherine Rad Weber, owner, and operator of Silverhawk Aviation Academy since 1998. My mission is to make Silverhawk one of the best FAA Part 141 schools in the country. We offer quality training at a competitive cost in a great environment.


Our focus is not to become the biggest flight school, but rather one that provides quality training consistently. We not only want to help you achieve your goals, but we also want you to be a safe and successful pilot. We will accomplish this by:  


Becoming one of the top helicopter flight schools in the region. Students should get a first-rate, top-quality education for their dollar. Upon graduating from Silverhawk, students will have been exposed to many different types of flying -- higher altitude, different weather conditions, and varying terrain - and thus be able to fly anywhere in the world, not just at sea level.


Producing pilots that are well rounded. At Silverhawk, you don't just learn how to fly a helicopter; you will have hands-on training in other aspects of flight, including maintenance and cleaning of the helicopter. The more you know about the aircraft, the better pilot you become.


Creating a positive family-type environment in which to learn. When you come to Silverhawk, you come as a person, not a number. You will see the familiar faces of students and instructors every day, and have lots of opportunities to interact with the maintenance and administrative staff. Group nights, hangar BBQs and study sessions are great times to socialize and learn with your peers. At Silverhawk, you aren't just joining the team, you are joining the Silverhawk family. We'll be here for you every step of the way.


Upon graduating and applying for a helicopter pilot position, tell your future employer that you trained at Silverhawk Aviation Academy in Idaho. The response our former students and instructors are getting: "That's a good school!" Our graduates get jobs.


I look forward to helping you reach your goals and welcoming you to the Silverhawk family!


Catherine Rad Weber
Owner and Operator
Silverhawk Aviation Academy

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