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Use VA Benefits or Student Loans for Flight Training

Find the payment plan that's right for you.

Silverhawk Aviation and Treasure Valley Community College have teamed up to provide one of the country's most dynamic flight training programs! 


Complete your professional helicopter pilot ratings while earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Science.  The program is designed for students interested in pursuing an entry-level career within the aviation industry. Employment opportunities for students with varying amounts of experience range from flight instruction, tours, utility and law enforcement, EMS, and search & rescue. This is your opportunity to achieve in-depth specialization in this exciting field. As an FAA-approved Part 141 flight school located in ideal training conditions, we offer world-class training at a reasonable price. 

Click here for more information on securing financial aid through Treasure Valley Community College.


Earn a Career Pathway Certificate in Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS)

Students employed by federal government agencies may meet the standards for certification as a Federal Aviation Safety Officer by completing the TVCC Career Pathway certificate. Once completed, you can apply to be issued a certificate as a Federal Aviation Safety Officer. (Example: This is currently being done by the U.S. Forest Service through the Chief of Fire and Aviation Training).


Degree requirements and college enrollment information can be found on the Aviation Program page at the Treasure Valley Community College website, as well as other useful information about the Aviation Science program. 



Don't have the Post 9-11 GI Bill®?

Here's how to use the Montgomery GI Bill to become a civilian helicopter pilot:


  • To utilize your VA benefits, you must attend an approved flight school, and keep a current Class I or Class II medical at all times.

  • Complete the Private Pilot or Private Pilot Add-On course. This is done at your own expense, as the VA will not reimburse students for the cost of private ratings. 

  • After the Private Pilot Course has been accomplished, Silverhawk will enroll you into the next approved course. Once enrolled in the other courses, the VA may reimburse you for a percentage of the FAA course minimums. If you train over the FAA course minimums, you are responsible for payment.

  • If your benefits fall under the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, a member of our staff is happy to assist you with your program details.

School Certifying Official

Julie Lynch 


To apply for benefits, please complete ONE of the following benefit forms:

  • If you have never applied for educational benefits before, complete VA form number 22-1990, or apply for GI Bill Benefits online through VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications).

  • If you have already used a portion of your educational benefits, complete VA form number 22-1995. 

  • If you are unsure if you are entitled to benefits, you should check with a counselor by calling toll free at 1-888-442-4551, press #1 then #0. Further information is available online at


What is the process?

  • Submit an Application for Admission to Silverhawk Aviation Academy. Register for GI Bill Benefits at

  • Click on "Start VONAPP" and complete the online registration wizard. The VA will take approximately four (4) weeks to process the benefits and mail the result packet to the applicant.

  • Contact Alisha Sweeney at Silverhawk Aviation for further instruction.

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