Silverhawk Aviation Academy offers several flexible training programs to meet your individual goals. Are you looking for a career or are you flying for fun? Are you paying for training with private funding or traditional students loans? Will you be able to train full-time or part-time? These are a few of the questions you should answer before you decide which program works best for you. 

If you're learning to fly for recreation, please meet with a member of our staff about getting your private rating. 


FAA-Approved Part 141 or Part 61 Options

Silverhawk Aviation Academy is the only FAA approved Part 141 Helicopter Flight School in Idaho. Part 141 schools are audited regularly by the FAA and must have an FAA-approved syllabus and course of study. We are subject to performance rates to maintain authorization to train under Part 141. In addition, Veteran’s benefit (VA) eligibility and some financial aid programs qualify only under Part 141.


It is also possible to learn under Part 61 rules. Training under PART 61 can offer more flexibility in lesson content and sequence, which can be beneficial for part-time students.  


* Since Part 61 and Part 141 requirements vary, we will enroll you in the program that suits your financial needs.




Private Rating

Part 141

R22 Beta II

Student Registration Fee:                                 $125

Textbooks & Pilot supplies:                             $490

Dual Training – 30 hours:                              $9,090

Solo Training- 5 hours:                                   $1,365

Ground Instruction – 35 hours:                     $2,100

Computerized FAA written exam:                   $175

FAA Examiner's Fee:                                         $500

**Aircraft Insurance:                                           $550

Approximate Total:


Sunset Flight - 31.jpg

Commercial w/ Instrument

 Part 61 w/ Part 141 Instrument Rating 

R22 Beta II & R44 Raven I

Textbooks & Pilot supplies:                              $200

25 dual hours in the R-22:                              $7,575

46 dual hours in the R -44:                         $23,000

24 solo hours in the R-22:                              $6,552

50 hours of ground instruction:                   $3,000

Computerized FAA written exams (2):            $350

FAA Examiner's Fee (2):                                 $1,000

Approximate Total:



Certified Flight Instructor

Part 61

R22 Beta II

15 hours dual:                                                  $4,950

40 hours ground:                                            $2,600

Computerized FAA written exams (2):           $350 

FAA Examiner's Fee:                                         $600

Approximate Total:



Certified Flight Instructor w/ Instrument

Part 61

R44 Raven I

5 dual hours:                                                    $2,600

15 hours ground instruction:                            $900

Computerized FAA written exam:                   $175

FAA Examiner's Fee:                                         $500

Approximate Total:



Advanced Training

Helicopter Flight Instruction

External Load: R44                                         $2,900

Mountain Flying: R66                                     $8,150


Turbine Transition: R66                                  $5,600

Approximate Total:


silverhawk 1214 203.jpg

Instructional Rates

Hourly Breakdown

R-22: Private, Commercial                      $290 Dual

R-22: CFI                                                     $310 Dual

R-22:                                                            $260 Solo

R-44:                                                           $480 Dual

R-44: CFI                                                    $500 Dual

R-44:                                                            $450 Solo

R-66:                                                           $950 Dual

Ground Instructor Rates:                                    $50

CFI Ground Instructor Rates:                              $55

Approximate Total


* Completion times and costs are based on FAA minimums and Silverhawk Aviation Academy makes no implied or explicit guarantee as to time or cost required to complete any rating. Prices subject to change.   

** Aircraft insurance is an additional fee if not already previously enrolled with Silverhawk.

Compare us to flight schools around the country. We are confident you will find Silverhawk Aviation Academy to be one of the most reputable and affordable options around. Email us at fly@silverhawkaviation.net if you have any questions or concerns about finding the best flight program for you.