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"A great career starts with great training, and that’s what you can expect at Silverhawk Aviation." 

—  Ty Pierce, Pilot at Papillon Airways

Being a helicopter pilot is a thrill and privilege that at one time seemed distant. After a short visit to Silverhawk Aviation, it was clear that would be my home for training. I was fortunate enough to become a flight instructor at Sliverhawk, during which time I sharpened my skills as a pilot and worked diligently to provide the same great level of training that I received from my instructors.


Eighteen months later, I moved on to work for Papillon Airways, where I began as a tour pilot flying the Bell 206. The training I received at Silverhawk Aviation helped me become successful in my current endeavors, as well as transitioning from the training environment to a working pilot. My career path with Papillon Airways has grown from strictly tours to opportunities with Arizona Fish & Game and learning to fly new aircraft such as the EC130. All of my success can be traced back to the foundation that I built at Silverhawk Aviation.

Ty Pierce, Pilot with Papillon Airways

Silverhawk did an excellent job preparing me for the industry and provided me with the skills to obtain work after training. I'm currently the Lead Pilot/IP at Papillon Helicopters flying the AS-350B3e/B2 and the EC-130B4/T2. I provide Grand Canyon tours and 135 company instruction in Las Vegas.


Silverhawk proved their value in safety by maintaining their aircraft to the highest standards in the industry. The facility is clean and all equipment is properly taken care of. Their regard for pilot safety is top notch and you will be held to the highest levels of proficiency and safety standards as a student. After finishing your ratings you will be knowledgeable, proficient and safe in the sky.


Southwest Idaho provides students with diverse terrain and adverse weather. You receive valuable hot and cold weather training, and just a few miles away you have mountains and canyons for high altitude training. Boise has a great approach circuit for IFR and controlled airspace training.


Silverhawk is highly professional and has an excellent reputation within the helicopter industry. I have experience with various operations and in comparison, Silverhawk's standard of professionalism, accountability, and integrity is superior. Training at the “Hawk” was a great experience for me from start to finish.

Skyler Stevenson, ATP

The moment I decided to change careers was when I was flying in the back of a TEMSCO A-Star over the Aleutian Islands doing geological surveys.  After a lot of research contacting schools, I began to get pretty fed up with the “form email” responses that I received, and the lack of any personal feeling associated with many of the school’s admissions staff.  This all changed when I got my first email back from Silverhawk.  About a year later, I had finished with flight school and was immediately offered a job instructing. 


Flash forward two years:  Now I am back in a TEMSCO A-star, but this time I am in the pilot seat.  I know for a fact that I could not have gotten to where I was without the help of my instructors, friends, and Catherine at Silverhawk.  I never felt like I was just another student at the school.  From the moment I arrived people were eager to show me around the area, and I have made some lifelong friends during my time there.  I can highly suggest Silverhawk to any aspiring pilot who wants to go far in a career as a professional pilot. 

Cullen Lester, Pilot at TEMSCO Helicopters

I trained with Silverhawk from January 2010-December 2011. Immediately following my training, I was hired as a flight instructor for the school.


The training I received at Silverhawk prepared me well for my future as a pilot. The varied terrain and high altitude experience gave me the confidence to know I could operate a helicopter almost anywhere my career could take me. The knowledge and experience of the instructors I had have proven to be valuable to me throughout my career.


The culture of safety Silverhawk promotes has helped me make the right choice even when it might not be the popular choice.


I enjoyed my training from Silverhawk and know their influence has helped me become a successful pilot.

Troy Barnum, Pilot with Papillon Airways

I came to the United States from Australia with the goal of becoming a helicopter pilot and could have chosen any approved flight school in the country. My decision to fly with Silverhawk was the best decision I could have made. Catherine and the staff made the process easy, navigating me through the visa and immigration hurdles and getting me started in the training without hassle or delay.


Idaho is an amazing place to learn to fly with the incredible terrain, a variety of airspace and a great diversity of weather. Silverhawk's instructors are committed to helping you achieve your goals and allow you to study at whatever pace suits you.


My experience at Silverhawk was very positive, and the training I received has proven invaluable as a contract pilot in Alaska. I would recommend Silverhawk to anyone aspiring to start a career in the exciting and challenging helicopter industry.

Craig Furmage, Contract Pilot in Australia

After teaching at Silverhawk, I began to work for Air Logistics in the Gulf of Mexico as a line pilot. To this day, I am still working for Air Logistics flying the SK-76 in the IFR program.


The best thing about Silverhawk was its instructors. They helped me achieve my goals and aspirations by giving me the necessary knowledge and skills needed to progress in an ever-changing field of aviation. I would highly recommend Silverhawk to anyone wishing to fly helicopters for a career. 

Paul Arpke, Oil/Gas/Support Helicopter Pilot, Gulf of Mexico

I had an opportunity to go anywhere in the United States to train to become a helicopter pilot. After looking at several schools, my family and I decided on Silverhawk Aviation Academy. After I finished instructing at Silverhawk I started flying tours in the Grand Canyon. I then returned to Silverhawk to obtain my ATP rating. I now fly single pilot IFR in an EC 145 for a midwest EMS.


I could not have accomplished any of this without the expert training that I received at Silverhawk Aviation Academy. On many of my interviews, the companies were highly impressed by the training that I had received there. I highly recommend Silverhawk Aviation, and if I wasn't flying EMS I would love to be back there instructing.

Brian Hunt, EMS Helicopter Pilot

From the challenging terrain and weather that Idaho has to offer, to the highly professional flight instructors, I enjoyed every aspect of my time at Silverhawk. The programs they offer cater to all, whether you want to go 8 hours a day, or just a few times a week, you are going to gain the skills needed to advance in the aviation community.


After working for Silverhawk I spent several years in the Gulf of Mexico flying offshore in the oil & gas industry. I now fight fires all across the country and enjoy the unique challenges and opportunities the utility side of aviation has to offer. I wouldn't be where I am today without the quality education I received at Silverhawk. I would highly recommend Silverhawk to anyone looking to turn the dream of flying into a reality.

Morgan Moore, Firefighting & Utility Helicopter Pilot

My journey to become a professional helicopter pilot began with Silverhawk and seems to always return to Silverhawk. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the country and experience different helicopter flight schools as a student and as an instructor. I have been to big 10-plus-helicopter pilot factories, 1-instructor small-town schools, and several of the in-between variety, but returning to Silverhawk in Idaho always feels like coming home. Catherine and her staff always make me feel welcome and have been extremely flexible in accommodating my needs on a restricted schedule.


My career as a professional helicopter pilot started with an opportunity to fly Electronic News Gathering (ENG) in Washington, DC. I then pursued a seasonal job in Alaska where I flew glacier landing tours, utility support, and even helped with filming a commercial and a documentary. I have flown missions for the Marlyand State Police and the Department of Natural Resources. I have now returned to flying in Alaska. 


Every job has its challenges and requires good decision making, positive control of the helicopter, and a certain level of professionalism. I believe Silverhawk had a huge positive impact on my career and the successes I have been able to achieve. I have recommended Silverhawk over other schools to aspiring helicopter pilots and will continue to do so.

Chris Pysz, Tours, Charter & Adventure Pilot